Following my own advice..

..For a change.  See my previous post “KISS

I was having lots of fun with my old WordPress theme, making custom navigation bars and such to match the header image, but while out of town for a few days I visited my site and it felt a little overworked and not very clean.

So I grabbed a new theme and tweaked it a bit. There’s more work to do, I don’t like the sidebar spacing and cloud test colors among other things, but I do like the cleaner layout and navigation.

What do you think?

Not much time to post today, but there’s lots happening.

Notable is that the Unity Team announced today that a FREE version of the Unity Game Engine was now available. It is essentially equivalent to the Indie license version, which is now discontinued as a product being sold.  Read more HERE.

Obligatory Pic . This is a concept I did some time back for the crew at Mad Otter. It’s one a several similar concepts I had to develop in very short order. You can see more of them HERE.

Enchanted Forest Concept