Forward, March!

 Grunts: Skirmish, a “Game In A Week”

I’ve recently been working with the crew over at Push Button Labs on a project that allowed me to do a little character development, which was a blast. Tim was my team lead at Garage Games on Fallen Empire: Legions before we both left, so everything just sort of clicked.

The focus and scope of the project changed a good bit between the time I was contracted and the version you see now. The iterative approach that PBL took, allowed for low pressure rapid development that made working on the project very rewarding.

I have worked on a few RTS games in my time, but it has been a while, and it was nice to get my hands back into the game. The iterative approach was sort of like getting to play with modeling clay like did when I was a kid and just make cool stuff. Then mush it all back together again and make something else even …more cooler.

I’m looking forward to this project going live and seeing what develops from it.

You can see Jeff and Tim’s thoughts on the project and development process here and here.