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    Todd Pickens

    Todd Pickens

    Artist • Designer

    I'm an artist and designer with 24 years of industry experience on small and large scale projects. I have a bent for problem solving. Experience has taught me that the best solution is usually deceptively simple and elegant. And the trick is finding it with a minimum of pain and effort. I wrangle anything from hands on asset creation, to pre-production planning, pipeline development, scaling of content, team building, and outsource management. I love knowing and working with genuine, talented, and skillful people.

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    Industry Experience:

    Contract and Consultation

    October 2014 – Present (1 year 4 months)

    Mobile Game Concept Development – Characters and game environment

    VR UI development

    Mobile Game Concept Development – Characters and game environment

    Mobile/Web Game Concept Development – Characters and game environment

    Product Visualization

    UI redesign


    Art Director – Disney Interactive

    October 2010 – October 2014

    Rain Castle Studio founder. Responsible for the visual style, content creation, and production pipeline for Social City (2010 Social Game of the Year). Disney City Girl (E3 best of show 2011). And supporting art team on MARVEL Avengers Alliance Tactics. Recruited, managed, and trained a team of Disney caliber artists, to include extensive collaboration with contractors on multiple projects across web and mobile platforms. Had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the best people I have ever known.


    Playdom, Inc. – Lead Artist on Social City

    2009 – 2010

    Responsible for developing and maintaining the visual direction for Social City. Development of content, concept illustration and art guides, art direction, scheduling and management of junior artist, and review and approval of related content.

    Independent Contract Artist

    2007 – 2009

    Recent Contract work:

    Environment, avatars, effects, and GUI for Bad habit Software’s  Wasteland Rally

    Environment props for TRINE from Frozenbyte, Inc.

    Environment concept and development for Villagers & Heroes from Mad Otter games

    Character and prop design and development for GRUNTS :Skirmish from PushButton Labs.

    Garage Games Inc. – Lead Artist

    2007 – 2008

    ∙ Lead Artist on Fallen Empire: Legions

    Art Direction, scheduling and management of junior artist, review and approval of related content. Level design and development, props, effects, character design, concept illustration and model texturing, HUD design and development, In-game menu design and development.

    ∙ Environment Lead on Think Tanks Reloaded

    Level design and development, textures , props, and effects. Direction, scheduling, and management of junior artist.

    ∙ 3rd Party Consulting Art Direction for multiple external game teams.

    Instruction on game art theory, design, and development for external development teams. To include color theory, level by level palette development, prop creation and use of shaders.

    Independent Game Industry Contract Artist

    2005 – 2007

    ∙ Modeler, Animator, Illustrator

    Various Contract work,  Illustration, Modeling and Animation.

    Zono Inc. – Lead Environment Artist

    1998 – 2005

    ∙ Lead Environment Artist (Concept Artist, Character Modeler, & Contributing Designer)

    Responsible for all aspects of environment design and development. Concept creation, asset development, task scheduling and management of junior artist, review and approval of related content. Additionally, I worked directly with the the code team to develop in-house art tools and created related tutorials for junior artist and remote contractors.

    Responsible for character and environment concept art, the creation of style guides for the development team and story boards for in-house cinematics.

    Collaboration with lead designer on various shipped titles, including..

    • Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction – PlayStation 2, Xbox
    • Battle for Troy – PC
    • History Channel’s The Alamo – PC
    • Metal Fatigue – PC
    • Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour – PC
    • Riot Police – PC

    Image Comics – Extreme Studios and Maximum Press

    1996 – 1998

    ∙ Colorist

    As a Colorist I worked on numerous titles, to include Avengelyne, Priest, Kid Supreme, PassOver, Blind Side and others. Collaborated with artist, inkers, and writers to achieve a consistent vision under a demanding monthly schedule.

    Independent Contract Artist

    1994 – 1996

    ∙ Concept Artist and Illustrator

    Contract Artist/Illustrator for comic books and product design.

    Space Gamer Magazine

    1992 – 1994

    ∙ Art Director

    As Art Director I worked closely with the editor, publisher and contributors to deliver a 98 page bi-monthly magazine. Responsible for magazine layout, paste up and illustration, management of art budget and contract artist.

    Better Games

    1990 – 1992

    ∙ Artist

    Cover art and interior illustrations for multiple game and game manuals.

    Industry Credits:

    Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics web/social
    Disney Interactive

    Disney City Girl web/social
    Disney Interactive

    The Incredible Machine  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
    Disney Interactive

    TRINE web/social
    Frozenbyte, Inc.

    Villagers & Heroes
    Mad Otter Games

    GRUNTS: Skirmish

    Fallen Empire: Legions
    Garage Games Inc.

    Think Tanks Reloaded
    Garage Games Inc.

    3rd Party Consulting Art Direction for multiple external game teams.
    Garage Games Inc.

    Aliens Versus Predator Extinction
    Fox Interactive/EA

    The Alamo
    Activision Value

    Battle for Troy

    Crusades – Quest for Power
    Activision Value


    Riot Police

    Rooks Revenge
    ASAP Games

    Pearl Harbor Zero Hour
    Simon and Schuster

    Metal Fatigue

    Extreme Rock Climbing
    Creative Carnage (Sub Contract)

    Extreme Mountain Biking
    Creative Carnage (Sub Contract)

    Better Games

    Era Ten
    Better Games

    Stuff O’ Legends
    Better Games

    Avengers of Justice
    Better Games

    Arabian Sea Tales
    Better Games

    Where Fools Fear to Tread
    Better Games