Warm Buttery Pancakes

Almost two months since my last post. Somehow winter slipped by while I was recovering from a nasty leg injury, and now spring is about to land on Eugene like a big warm buttery pancake.

…Mmm pancakes.

I’ve kept myself busy these last two months. Lots of traveling and work out of town. Too many projects to keep track of. Check out Tim’s recent post showing off Push Button Lab’s GRUNTS: Skirmish for their Push Button Engine.

Below are a few concept paintings I recently finish for Mad Otter Games. These started out as thumbnails on cocktail napkins. I seem to do my best work at a local bar these days.

I’ve taken to doing most of my illustrations on cocktail napkins. It turns out that a five inch square makes for a great canvas. It’s not so big that it requires much work to fill the space, and not so small that it prevents you from realizing a complex composition. Getting to do my work while at the bar ain’t bad either.

The contract with Mad Otter was for as many concept paintings as I could develop in about 10 hours. I packed in a few extra hours to get the images where I wanted them. I think I ended up with 7or 8 final concepts and a couple that didn’t make the cut. I’m definitely rusty at this sort of thing, but I’m pretty happy with the result considering the time constraints.

I have a few big projects on my plate, that and getting my running back up to speed will keep me very busy for the next couple of months. By the end of May I will have some really big stuff to share.