With turkey day just around the corner, November is almost in the bag, and a new year is rapidly approaching. Round and round we go.

On Saturday I bumped into the local group I used to run with, which brought back some memories and reminded me that this time last year I was gearing up for the Eugene Thanksgiving Day Turkey Stuffer 5k. What a difference a year makes.

I’m still running, but with a very different attitude and for completely different reasons. And I’ve never run better or with more satisfaction.

On a related note I strongly recommend reading “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall, even for the non runners out there.

It’s a great book and a hell of a story that happens to be true. I read it earlier this year just as I was getting back on the trails following a nasty leg injury. That book caused me to completely reexamine everything about how I ran and why.

In other news, I may be holding an art show in December. I haven’t made committed to it yet but I’m getting a lot of push in that direction.

Pine Tree 02

My apology to the friends out there that I’ve neglected to stay in touch with recently. I’ve had a pretty full plate these past few months, but you know the back story.  I am thankful for your friendship.